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Christoph Delp
History of Muay Thai
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More and more individuals take an active interest in Muay Thai and would like to learn this fascinating type of martial-arts. Regardless, whether the priority is to improve the body's fitness, to learn a type of self-defence or to compete in events, the aim can only be achieved by long-term and regular training.

Newcomers to Muay Thai are initially taught the basic stance and the sequence of steps. Thereafter, the basic attacking techniques must be trained. A selection of these techniques can be found in the book "Muay Thai Basiscs - Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques" (Delp 2006). A complete list of attacking techniques is shown in the book "Muay Thai: Advanced Thai Kick Boxing Techniques" (Delp 2004).

The student initially trains the attacking techniques slowly and controlled into the air, however, without interruption. If he succeeds in the correct use of the techniques into the air, he can add the training on punching bags to his programme. In the process, the techniques are first trained one by one before they are combined. Once the student has had some training sessions on the punching bag and succeeded, for example, in stabilising his wrist on impact, he can also train the techniques on pads and with a partner.

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