Christoph Delp: Autor & Trainer
Christoph Delp
Advanced Thai Kick Boxing Techniques

During the last twenty years, Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, has become popular around the world. Practitioners enjoy this martial art for fitness training, competitive sport, and self-defense.

Christoph Delp has studied intensively at many gyms and training camps in Thailand. In Muay Thai: Advanced Thai Kickboxing Techniques, he shares his experience of the people, history, and traditions of this exciting part of the country´s extraordinary cultural heritage. Color photographs of Thai boxers demonstrate the techniques athetes must learn to succeed in professional or amateur contests, including well-proven offensive tactics as well as ways to counter an opponent´s attacks. Historical Muay Thai techniques are also examined, which can be used by an experienced fighter to achieve a surprise victory.

Muay Thai: Advanced Thai Kickboxing Techniques includes sections on:
· Muay Thai as a competitive sport
· The rules of competition
· Traditional ceremonies
· Stars and stadiums
· A professional training program
· Competitive tips and tricks
· Effective countertactics
· Historical techniques
· Training in Thailand

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180 pages, 190 colour photographs
first edition 07.2004
North Atlantic /Frog Ltd.
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